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African Arts
and African Cultural Experience
for Schools and the Community
to support Various Areas of Learning

Welcome to West African Culture

Hello, you are looking at the website of the most experienced African/Ghanaian lady in the United Kingdom who can help you enhance your school curriculum in the most unforgettable way through African storytelling, dance and music.

My visits to schools give teachers a chance to sit back and watch pupils reveal and discover talents that otherwise may not have been realised in a normal classroom teaching environment. Through the various activities I offer the children to learn and achieve in their own preferred way.

My visits also provide In-Service-Training for teachers which are educational, informative, fun and above all memorable. I leave behind simple activities that teacher use many times over, years after my visits. This is what the children of Bubwith Primary school in the East Riding of Yorkshire have to say about me. Read for yourself.

“A laughing, energetic and dynamic lady who passes on the chuckle. An eye catching person with eye catching abilities. Invite her to your school and she will give you action packed memories. Her imagination goes wild and she never bores anyone. Sometimes you never know what she is going to do next, as she shares her knowledge with fun.”

I have been working in all sectors of the community to bring global awareness and the concepts of citizenship to the classroom. I have been doing this through music, dance, storytelling, textile arts, food and talks to all communities all over the UK and abroad for 20 years. I draw from my Ghanaian culture and my experiences in British schools and communities to look at similarities and what makes the differences between people of different cultures. For the ultimate visual effect, I present myself in the colourful and stylish design that Ghanaians are known for.

Now take a tour of my pages.